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Name: Jo Johnson
Advertising Department
Job Title: Telephone Sales Executive

Before joining Newsquest in September 2000, I had previously worked as a PVC welder, making ring binders and NOBO products. The prospect of having a career path and the opportunity to become an expert at something inspired me to apply for the Telephone Sales position. I have since achieved an NVQ in Customer Care, and successfully completed a number of in-house sales training courses.

There is always a good atmosphere here, along with the thrill of the sale and seeing the final product in print - seeing a client have a really good result from their advertising is very rewarding. Other than the short break in my career to have my child, I have been with Newsquest for almost 14 years now. A typical day for me involves; talking to as many people as possible about the various products available to suit the requirements of their needs, and in-turn helping them to promote and grow their business.

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