OLYMPIC legend Sir Steve Redgrave achieved another gold medal yesterday, thanks to children at an Eastwood school.

The five-time gold medallist was visiting Heycroft Primary School as part of a school sports programme with Matalan.

After holding an assembly for pupils, where he talked about his own success and answered questions, Sir Steve was presented with the medal.

Sir Steve said: “I’m very proud of this, and I’ll be adding it to the collection!”

The Matalan Sporting Promise Top Sport programme, in partnership with the Youth Sports Trust, supports the delivery of PE in primary and secondary schools. It helps teachers develop physical and social skills of children aged seven to 11, and increase their understanding of health and wellbeing.

Sir Steve said: “It’s absolutely vital we continue to provide staff and pupils with the resources to teach and participate in a range of non-traditional sports.

“Heycroft has given pupils the opportunity to take part in different activities, including athletics. Athletics is great because whatever shape you are, there’s a sport you can take part in.”

Sir Steve added: “In sport, you learn how to conduct yourself within a team. It helps breed confidence and self-esteem. It’s not about who wins at this level, it’s about developing life skills.”

Headteacher Andrew Palmer was delighted to welcome the rower to the school, and hopes it will inspire the pupils.

He said: “We’ve done a lot of work with the children over the year looking at Olympians and people in the community. With Sir Steve coming here its shows them it’s not just about the end result, but what you have to do to get there. That’s a really important message.”

After the assembly, some pupils were invited on to the playing field to take part in games and activities with Sir Steve, including an adapted form of cricket.

Pupil Toby Goddard, nine, said: “It’s really inspired me to try rowing now.”

Grace Van der Hyde, also nine, said: “He’s inspired lots of people to do lots of different sports, and showed you can do it even if you think you can’t.