Douglas Curtis

DOUGLAS CURTIS 'A Perfect Day' Sitting here on my bed, Many tears I had shed. Waiting for my Husband dear, His arrival I did fear. Leaving me weeks before, Joining God and many more. Then I heard a lovely sound, Horses hooves outside on ground. So I slowly walked outside, And saw my family full of pride. There it was a beautiful sight, Carriage, coffin, flowers all just right. My tears just dried I felt so calm, I stroked the horses with my palm. For future journey I felt so strong, Behind beautiful horses trotting along. All through the service Titfords staff, Comforting us all through this path. Then our journey to the resting place, Still behind the horses at regular pace. This a moment I will never forget, To Titfords parlour forever in your debt. A perfect day in every way, Thanking you Titfords if we may. K Curtis