Chris Humphrey

Seasons Greetings from Chris O.F.P.Humphrey The Rt. Hon. Sir Christopher Geidt K.C.B. K.C.V.O. O.B.E. P.P.S. To her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Mr. David Cameron, Mr. Douglas Carswell MP, and his secretary Pete. Nigel Farage and the 17,000000 who voted to leave the European Union. The physiotherapy dept. at Clacton Hospital, Dr. Mirza. All at Martello Court. All at Nat. West Bank, Barclays Bank,C.A.B and Clacton Gazette. The Bakehouse, Magic City, Rajal News, The Wimpy, Geo's, Sand and Sea, The Clean Inn, The Kabin, Specsavers, Mike Vincent, Marks & Spencers, Morrisons, J.J.'s and Old Road Wallpaper and Paint., The Coastal Community Centre, The Red Lion (St Osyth), The Salvation Army Community Shop, Savers and Wilko's, Memory Medication Monitory Service, Cleo, Tony, Nick, George, Obo, Alan, Dave and Carol, Mo, Mr.P, Alex, Richard & Beverley, Charlie, Henry, Jack & Poppy, John, Tina, Jimmy, Ralph and Jenny, Rosemary, Margaret & Sue,, Harry & Pete, The Birdman of Clacton, Doreen, Andrew, Steve & Nick and Steve (T.R.S) and Terry. To all at Brandon House, Whyleaf & Cloisters, Cedars and Chrislyn House. Sue & Wally, Anna, Francois, Sara & Lily Francois Jnr. Lara, Brody, Taylor and Halle. Margaret & Pete, Aaron, Scott and Andrea & Joshua. Joanne, Adam, Ethan, Matthew & Jamie and the bump. Tom & Linda, Gemma & Shaun, Luke, Anthony, Lewis, Brandon, Lily Elle. Carol & Mark, Leanne & Sarah. John, Lorriane and All at Milo's Wine Bar.