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John Ward

John Ward

JOHN WARD 09.12.1983 - 21.03.2006 Birthdays are happy, joyous and fun, Birthdays are special celebrating the one. Yet your birthday is filled with sadness and pain, Thinking of our loss not another years gain. We think of the milestones we don't get to share, We wonder "what ifs" which is quite hard to bare. Every year is sad, just like the first, It doesn't get easier, our hearts want to burst. We come together as a family, as one, Missing our John the first born son. So even though we fight back the tears, We remember the birthdays, those 22 years. We cherish the birthdays when we could make a fuss, The birthdays you were here with all of us. So In our hearts u will always be, When we close our eyes you're who we see. We speak your name so it always lives on, Just so you know you are never gone. John, an uncle, brother and son, To us, your always, our number one. Love Mum, Dad, Mary, Alice, Terry, Robyn and the four little ones x x x x



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