HELLO and a very Happy New Year to you all.

Well, we had to wait until the last weekend of 2017 but postponement bingo finally kicked-off in earnest last Saturday as the inclement weather put paid to a number of matches in the Thurlow Nunn League.

Our planned game at Stowmarket was one of the first to go, being called off on Friday.

Given that it was the weekend of New Year’s Eve, I'm not sure many tears were shed in the FCC or Stowmarket camps but maybe I'm being cynical!

Which leaves me plenty of time to ruminate on hopes for 2018.

Certainly Kieron (Shelley) and Mike (Wallace) will be looking to continue the steady progress that has marked out the season so far.

It may be tempting fate but it looks like we should be well clear of any relegation scraps so we can start to look upwards.

Is a top-half finish possible or could we go even better and record an (FC Clacton era) best finish and crack the top ten?

Then after that it is about keeping the squad together.

Too often, as soon as we get a good squad in recent years it has fragmented in a very short period and we have already seen clubs courting our players.

Off the field, we have seen some great work on the clubhouse but there is more to be done on the ground in general and there is always a need for more money to be brought in.

Finally, of course I, like I suspect so many FCC fans, will continue to try and win the lottery so I can throw Abramovich-style wealth at the club.

Winning myself £100m is obviously a selfless dream but rest assured dear reader it is one I shall continue to pursue in the coming 12 months.

And when I do, oh what fun times we will have at FC Clacton!

Until then we can keep dreaming.

Weather-permitting, the first team are at home to Gorleston on Saturday.

Please come along and support the boys as they look to kick off 2018 with a win.

Come on you Seasiders!