CLACTON Indoor Bowls Club held a Halloween drive in aid of their president's charity, the Little Haven Hospice.

Linda Clark won the spider and received a bottle of whisky.

The drive winner was Harry Perrin and the runner-up John Kidd.

The best fancy dress award went to Carol Coyle, with Carol Bramble and Margaret Lamb runners-up,

while the swindle was won by Elaine Clifford.

The event raised more than £285.

Clacton opened their doors to the public during special events in September and October, for anyone wanting to try out the sport.

Both open days proved popular, with many attending and joining.

Meanwhile, the club's bowlers have begun their winter season matches.

Results: Egham Trophy v Colchester: Clacton won on three rinks, winning 91-61 overall.

Yetton Trophy v Mid-Suffolk: Clacton won on one rink, losing 76-68 overall (they now go through to the Yetton Plate).

County League: Clacton v West Mersea: Clacton won on one rink and lost on one rink, losing 43-38 overall.

Top Club: Clacton v Falcon: Clacton lost in the ladies' singles, men's singles, pairs and fours but drew in the triples. They lost overall.

Egham Trophy: Clacton v Mid-Suffolk: Home: Clacton won 24-12 and 21-15. Away: Clacton drew 19-19 and lost 30-11. Overall, they lost 76-75.

Yetton Plate: Clacton v Sudbury: Clacton's home teams won but their away teams lost. The overall result was a 82-69 defeat.

Mason A v Sudbury: Clacton's home team won but their away team lost. The overall result was a 38-24 defeat.

Mason B v Mid-Suffolk: Clacton's home and away teams both won, giving an overall score of 40-25.