DRAGON Martial Arts held their annual competition day on Sunday.

Over 300 people attended and the day started with the club's seven prestigious awards being presented to Jacob Fenn (junior newcomer), Mark Dallimore (senior newcomer), Sara Joyce and Dave Couldrey (joint sports persons), Eileen Dwan (former), Geoff Ho (fighter), Owen Little (junior martial artist) and Jonathan Martin (senior martial artist).

After presentations, the event begun with adults doing their forms (open hand and weapons) followed by the juniors.

Next was the fixed step and sparring.

Results: Adults weapon forms (high grades) – 1st Richard Poots, 2nd Jon Martin; Adults weapon forms (low grades) – 1st Simon Tidbury, 2nd Alan Primmer; Children weapon forms (high grades) – 1st Ethan Cox, 2nd George Beesley and Matthew Stobbs-Skinner; Adults hand forms (high grades) – 1st Richard Poots, 2nd Carl Wildon; Adult hand forms (low grades) – 1st Abby Solomon, 2nd Eric Batchelor and Mark Dallimore; Children hand forms (high grades) – 1st Vibhash Gunasene, 2nd Lily Hardwick; Children hand forms (low grades) – 1st Jenson Taylor, 2nd Jacob Fenn; Two/three person routine – 1st Carl Wildon and Jason Firth, 2nd Ian Pierson and Pete Delves; Men fixed step sparring – 1st Dave Couldrey, 2nd Daryl Biggs-Wither; Girls' fighting – 1st Lily Hardwick; Boys' fighting (lightweight) – 1st Jacob Fenn, 2nd Vinnie Joyce; Boys' fighting (middleweight) – 1st Freddie Pryor, 2nd Josh Wood; Boys' fighting (heavyweight) – 1st Luke Smith, 2nd Logan Chilver; Boys' fighting (super heavyweight) – 1st Ben Mitchell, 2nd Lewis Heath; Men's fighting (lightweight) – 1st Martin Lau, 2nd Mark Dallimore; Men's fighting (heavyweight) – 1st Richard Poots, 2nd Tristan Wallis; Junior team event – 1st Thorpe Kung Fu, 2nd Holland-on-Sea.