HOLLAND-on-Sea Bowls Club held their annual presentation event.

Chairman Bill Jones handed out the trophies and said he was delighted and impressed by the standard of play throughout the season.

The club's men won promotion to the Premier League while the ladies finished third in their Tendring Hundred League.

Jones also congratulated the players on reaching county finals in both the men's and ladies' sections.

The club competitions are open to all members, with a special event aimed at players who are new to bowling.

The players who received club trophies were:

Harold Kirby Memorial Trophy: Runners-up: Ray Mead, Pearl Macintyre, Dave Cooper and Jim Tank; Winners: Cris Preagram, Pam Feaviour, Jenny Mooney and Ann Newell. Ladies' Webster Cup: Runners-up: Bec Robinson, Sylvia Latch and Ann Newell; Winners: Sue Murray, Rosie Taylor and Carol Jones. Ladies' two-wood: Runner-up: Rosie Taylor; Winner: Sue Murray. Ladies' Florence Mairs Trophy: Runner-up: Pearl Macintyre; Winner: Lyla Horley. Pavilion Cup: Runners-up: Pearl Macintyre, Phil Goss and Ken Vivash; Winners: Tony Grainger, Andrea Zenna and Les Whiting. New bowlers award: 4th Bill Piper, 3rd Maureen Piper, 2nd Ken Vivash, 1st Lee Saunders. Peagrams Pairs: Runners-up: Tony Grainger and Ian Johnston; Winners: Pam Feaviour and Ken Vivash. Hot shot: Sue Murray and Rosie Taylor. Ladies' pairs: Runners-up: Ann Newell and Andrea Zenna; Winners: Sue Murray and Bet Codling. Men's pairs: Runners-up: Brian Cheek and Les Whiting; Winners: Tony Grainger and Ken Hammond. Mixed singles: Runner-up: Les Haywood; Winner: Ian Johnston. Mixed pairs: Runners-up: Sue Murray and Ken Hammond; Winners: Peter Newell and Ann Newell. Mixed fixed jack: Runner-up: Les Whiting; Winner: John Hewett. Windmill Shield: Runner-up: Tony Grainger; Winner: Peter Davies; Ladies' triples: Runners-up: Carol Jones, Sue Murray and Jan Vincent; Winners: Pam Feaviour, Carol Cooper and Trish Sawyer. Men's two-wood: Runner-up: Ken Hammond; Winner: Brian Cheek; Mixed novices: Runner-up: Phil Goss; Winner: Les Whiting; Men's handicapped singles: Runner-up: Peter Davies; Winner: Patrick Rowley. Men's singles: Runner-up: Dave Bell; Winner: Rob Saggers. Ladies' singles: Runner-up: Pam Feaviour; Winner: Lyla Horley; Titford Trophy: Runners-up: John Hewett, Ken Hammond and Jim Tank; Winners: Tony Grainger, Brian Woodyard and Phil Goss. Madeira Cup: Runners-up: Ian Johnston, Terrence Leduc and Ken Vivash; Winners: Martin Newbury, Lee Saunders and Brian Woodyard. Season ladies' fixed jack: 3rd Chris Pegram, 2nd Paula Goss, 1st Bette Codling. Umbrella: 4th Ken Vivash, 3rd Ian Johnston, 2nd Les Whiting, 1st Trish Sawyer.

Meanwhile, Holland were pipped in the final of the unbadged fours county competition, in Colchester.

They played well but were narrowly beaten by Dovercourt, only losing by two points.