CLACTON Sailing Club members raced for the highly-acclaimed Commodore’s Platter.

This trophy has special meaning, having been donated by Geoff Wright in 1976, in his last year of being club Commodore.

Many contestants in the race had previously won the trophy and were keen to reclaim the prize.

At 11.30am sharp, the action got underway with sailors facing a course of triangles and sausages, with catamarans racing over three laps and mono hulls needing to complete two.

Liam and Ian Wright, the grandson and son team of the creator of the trophy, were first to claim start-line honours on their Dart 18 catamaran.

However, they were chased quickly by a mixed fleet of boats, including other Dart 18s, a group of Dart 16 catamarans and a brace of Hurricanes, with a selection of mono hulls including a RS 200, a Wonderer and a Contender.

The wind at the start of the race was a steady 10mph and, as the race unfolded, it quickly gave the advantage to the fast catamarans that could fully utilize the increase in wind speed and conquer the rising height of the waves.

It was clear that Liam and Ian were on a mission to win the trophy and they streaked ahead of the pack, often closing on the heels of the much faster Hurricane Sport.

They proved worthy winners.

Further down the fleet, there were many mini races going on, with a three-way competition between Robert Mitchell, sailing his dart 16 single-handed, and the husband-and-wife teams of the Chivers and Venables.

The clear winner was Robert Mitchel, who was rewarded with an overall second place.

The mono hull teams of Suffield and Lydel tried their utmost to perform in a rising swell but were simply unable to outperform the much faster catamarans.

Special mentions go to Mitchel, who single-handily sailed his dart 16 and the two Hurricanes, who had their own battle in what became very challenging conditions.

Meanwhile, Clacton Sailing Club are holding their annual cadet week this week.

Fifteen cadets took part on a memorable first day, supported by club members.