FRINTON Lawn Tennis Club's ladies' C team enjoyed a 6½-2½ victory at Dedham.

They were up against the hosts' ladies' B team in division four of the Colchester and District League.

Despite half their team being new signings, Frinton showed excellent skill from the off, winning two of the three sets in the first and second rounds.

The third round produced two sets and a halved game.

Captain Mary Milner said: "This was the hardest-ever match to arrange, due to injuries and commitments with team members.

"I had to go to the top to secure players, working out combinations based purely on information given to me by the players without seeing their skills in advance.

"Thankfully, the information was accurate and led to great success for the team, with Judith Owen replacing Deborah Lawrence, Isobel McInnes replacing Georgia Mosey and Madeleine Combes replacing Mary Milner."

Owen and McInnes' overall scores were 1-8, 1-8, 8-1.

Milner praised the skill and form of these new signings, who turned their fortunes around in the third set in a dramatic and exciting comeback.

Ellen Stuart and Siân Connell played consistently, with tremendous rallies, producing scores of 8-4 and 8-3.

Their final set was halved due to bad light and the slippery surface.

Stuart and Connell wanted to finish the set, but the rain came minutes after the decision to halve it.

Clare Young and Combes won all three sets in phenomenal style, 8-5, 8-3, 8-1.

Deputy captain Young said: "It's lovely to see the youngsters getting a chance at matchplay and I'm proud the team promote this type of participation."

The final game for the C team is on July 20.

Meanwhile, Frinton hosted this year's British Tour competition at Holland Road.

Crowds gathered to witness a magnificent standard of tennis from some of the best up-and-coming players.

In the men's open singles, the overall winner was Davis Cup competitor Joshua Goodall, who beat Ben Jones 6-3, 7-6.

Both these unseeded players battled hard for the honours, but Goodall secured victory during a very tight second set.

In the ladies' open singles, two of the seeded players made it through to the final round.

Number six seed, Erin Richardson beat the number four seed, Olivia Peet, 6-4, 6-4.

Some epic rallies were played out, but Richardson showed grit and determination to pull off the win.

Elsewhere, Frinton's mixed A team played host to The Essex A.

Superb line-ups were fielded and the match proved a close-run thing.

Frinton's first pair, Mark Grover and Julia Holder, won two of their three sets 8-6, 8-6, losing out to the strong pairing of Andrew Knights and Tina Newnes 2-8.

Frinton's second pair, Marcus Eatherton and Anne Cosby, also faired well, with scores of 8-5, 8-1, 4-8.

Third pairing Max Parr-May and Helen Cosby took to the courts for the first time as a pair.

They went close, losing 6-8 to The Essex's second pair, but could not crack The Essex's first and third pairs, losing 0-8 and 2-8 respectively.

Frinton's mixed C side visited David Lloyd at their new Colchester stadium.

The clash proved too much for the visitors, with David Lloyd fielding a premier standard side in this division five battle and taking the honours 9-0.

In the process they secured promotion.