WALTON and Frinton Yacht Club held race three in their Summer Series.

Race officer Alec Moss decided to make the most of the perfect conditions - 12 knots of breeze and warm sunshine - and also made it the club's Round the Island Trophy race.

Thirteen dinghies made their way to the start line at the mouth of the Twizzle. The slower boats in class two started first, with the faster class one boats setting off five minutes later.

Robin Cooper, in his Jewel, and Malcolm Smith, in his Comet, were the early leaders, with the Laser 4.7s giving chase.

Martin Jenkins, in his Phantom, had a perfect start, hitting the line on the gun and good speed allowed him to get away from the other class one boats.

The long run against the tide gave the Phantom a chance to get clear air and give chase to the slower boats in front.

The Phantom was able to pass the tailenders of class two before the barges at Stone Point and then worked his way past the two Laser 4.7s of Sophie and Eleanor Newland, who were now leading the slower fleet and showing excellent speed in the sparkling conditions.

Having got past all the other boats, the Phantom led the way through the islands and up Kirby Creek before stretching away into a lead which would prove enough on handicap to win the race and the trophy.

John Sewell, in his Solo, was again showing good speed and overtook the twins' Lasers on the finishing line to take second place.

Eleanor Newland was third overall and the winner of class two.

Danny Blowers, who has only been sailing since the beginning of the season, did very well to get his Laser round the challenging course to start and finish his first club race.

The next race in the Summer Series will be on Sunday, July 23.

The race was scheduled for this Sunday but as most competitors are racing in the Port of Felixstowe Regatta it has been decided to race the last two races in the series on the same day.

Results: 1 Martin Jenkins, Phantom; 2 John Sewell, Solo; 3 Eleanor Newland, Laser 4.7; 4 Tim Oxley, Solo; 5 Sophie Newland, Laser 4.7.