A STRONG onshore breeze has curtailed boat fishing somewhat, although there are still plenty of thornback rays, smooth hounds, bass and tope on the further-out marks.

The smooth hounds have increased in size, with some reported to 18lbs, in addition to bass in the 8lb to 9lbs range, although the majority are around 4lbs.

Some boats have opted to fish the river estuary and been rewarded with plenty of school bass, thornback rays, eels and the odd stingray.

The shore angler has had a better time of it this week.

The weed that always causes problems at this time of year, as the weather warms up, seems to have diminished, making for more comfortable fishing.

St Osyth beach is still producing thornback rays and bass, although it looks like it could be a short season for stingrays as they have slowed down somewhat.

Clacton Pier has fished very well with bass reported to 3lbs, thornback rays still being caught and whiting, dogfish and eels.

Nat Mills and his father fished a daytime tide and had a great day catching small bass, whiting, pouting, plaice and eels.

Nat caught the biggest fish of the day - a cracking thornback ray.

He told me ragworm and squid were the best baits.

The Holland beaches have also had a reasonable week.

Some good-sized bass to 5lbs and soles have been caught on evening tides, plus there is always a chance of a thornback ray.

Down on the shallower Frinton beaches, reports have also been good with not much weed to cause problems.

Clacton angler Matt Clark fished here using peeler crab for bait and landed bass to 5lbs.

Other anglers have reported soles, eels and bass.

The Walton Pier Club fished their final match of the season on the local pier.

Fifteen anglers fished and were met with good swell on the sea and coloured water, which are ideal conditions.

However, sadly the fish did not materialise and only 27 sizeable fish were caught throughout the match.

Small bass, pouting, codling, eels and the odd dogfish were the catch.

First place went to Dean Parker, with 1lb 7oz.

Second place was tied between Colin Harris and Peter Harris, with 1lb 5oz.

The points for the whole season were tallied up and the season winner was Peter, who narrowly won by a single point.

In second was Colin. Barry Adair was third and Dean fourth.

The heaviest fish prize of the season was won by Dean.

The Walton Pier Club would like to thank Shane Swan, from Walton Pier, and Jody Twin and their staff for their continued sponsorship throughout the year. They are looking forward to the new season.

Walton Pier, in general, seems to be the place to fish at the moment, with plenty of small fish to be caught during the daytime, bass, whiting and thornback rays from the head of the pier.

Wrasse are being caught around the pier piles and garfish by the lifeboat station. Simon Hatt also fished here and caught four soles in the coloured water.

Day tickets are from 8am until 10pm and yearly 24-hour passes are also available.

The Walton beaches are also producing fish, mostly on the evening tides when the beaches are that bit quieter.

School bass and soles are being caught from the beaches either side of the pier, plus Burnt House towards the Frinton end has seen some bigger bass.

The Coast Guard beaches have seen some nice soles, bass and eels.

There are also reports that the weed here has disappeared.

If you have any photos and/or fishing reports you can contact me at popplewell1@btinternet.com

The high tides for the weekend are 5.44pm on Saturday and 6.47pm on Sunday.