GUNFLEET Sailing Club’s cadets and otters - those under 18 years of age - had a great sail during the SOS Cat and Mouse race.

First away was the Topper fleet, followed four minutes later by the Topazes. Nearly 11 minutes after the Toppers set off, it was time for the Hobie 405 class to get underway.

The sole intention was to get in front of everyone by the time the race finished. Korben Symmonds stayed in front for a while in his Topper while Harrison Smith and Mac Symmonds led the Topaz fleet.

It wasn’t long before Harry Swinbourne and Lily Kearns-Kennedy, in a Topaz, went to the front, being chased by Tom and Ed Philpot in their 405.

Gaps closed and overtaking was not an uncommon site but while the Philpot brothers worked hard to move up the pack in their 405, they just fell short of Swinbourne and Kearns-Kennedy.

Results: SOS Cat and Mouse: 1 Topaz – Harry Swinbourne and Lily Kearns-Kennedy, 2 Hobie 405 – Tom and Ed Philpot, 3 Topaz – Jude Aylen and Esme Symmonds.

On Sunday morning there was a fresh south-westerly wind blowing as competitors rigged their boats to take part in the single-handed race for the Toppo Trophy.

Robert Gutteridge got a cracking start as he sheeted his Laser in and flew through the line, with the others all giving chase.

With a flooding tide speeding the craft on their way, the more astute helms tacked on the beat down the coast to St Michael’s buoy and headed out to sea, gaining a cleaner wind as well as an extra bit of assistance from the tidal push. As the craft started the second leg, a run back up the coast to the Eastcliff mark, Harry Swinbourne spotted an opportunity to take the leading position but Gutteridge was having none of this and, by the time the boats were heading out to the Seaward buoy, he was back in front once again.

Halfway through the race, the wind backed southerly, catching a few competitors out, including Harrison Smith, who was sailing his Topaz solo.

At the offshore gybe mark he capsized the boat, resulting in Smith getting a hefty wack on the head by the boom.

The wind had also freshened and was, at times, touching a force six.

This didn’t deter Gutteridge, who stayed doggedly focused throughout the race and took a convincing win.

Results: Toppo Single Helm: 1 Laser – Robert Gutteridge, 2 Solution – Derroll Pedder, 3 Laser – Yvonne Gough.

In the afternoon it was time for Gunfleet’s Ladies Who Launch event.

Despite the wind strengthening and, at times, hitting a force seven, there were a number of female members keen to go out.

After some very lively sailing everyone returned safely to shore to be greeted by a full afternoon tea in the clubhouse.