CLACTON Archers had a great day at the Raydon Hall Shoot.

Eight members, including two juniors, attended and six won gold medals.

Bruce Parker took gold with a score of 818 and 96 golds for gents' compound while Jon Tate took the gold medal for junior gents' recurve with a score of 788, including 96 golds.

Four other gold medals were won by Clacton Archers, including Sandy Tate, Carol Jagai, Anastasia Simpson and Benjamin Salmon.

Simpson scored 622 with 94 golds, Jagai 610 with 94 golds and Tate 608 with 96 golds.

Salmon scored 768 with 96 golds.

Thanks to the good weather, all archers shot a Western round and an Imperial round, which consists of four rounds at distances ranging from 80 to 30 yards and a further four rounds between 70 to 20 yards, shooting a 122cm face.

The competition was one of the first of the season's outdoor shoots and archers attended from clubs across Essex and Suffolk.