CLACTON Sailing Club members made an early start for their Summer Solstice Sunrise Sail.

With sunrise expected for 4.30am, preparation was key and volunteers had prepared a fleet of ten dinghies rigged on the beach in readiness.

Other boats joined the early starters later on, but this event was all about timing.

Jack Dempsey and James Brosnan-Wren were first afloat and quickly followed by 20 or so other keen sailors before 5am.

Right on time, the sunshine broke through, just rising above a thin layer of mist.

With a beautiful flat sea and light winds, it helped create a special atmosphere to reward the early starters.

With cadets sailing together amid a festival atmosphere, it was only a matter of time before the first capsize and most people took a dip in the surprisingly warm water.

They then headed up to the clifftop clubhouse for a full English breakfast. Sailing continued throughout the day in perfect conditions, with many claiming a full 12 hours before heading home for an early night.