A BEAUTICIAN who won a £10,000 scholarship to study at a London law school is set to get a first in her honours degree.

Georgina Blackwell, 27, finished the bachelor of laws course at BPP University College in two years, instead of the usual three.

Miss Blackwell was offered the scholarship at the university in Waterloo in 2009 after making national headlines.

She defeated one of the country’s biggest property developers in the High Court, despite having no legal training.

She forced Bellway Homes to honour an agreement to pay £75,000 for access through her family’s garden while it built houses nearby. Mum Sandra, who owns House of Beauty in Parsonage Street, Halstead, said her daughter will sit her last set of exams in a couple of weeks.

She plans to become a barrister and is looking for a company to sponsor her.

Mrs Blackwell said: “She’s loving it. I couldn’t be prouder – she’s putting her brain to good use.

“She’s been one of the top in her class.”

Miss Blackwell, a former Hedingham School pupil, applied for a law course at Kingston University when she was 17. But when her mum broke her wrist, she gave up her place and started working at the family salon.