Wartime sweethearts who will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary believe a bit of give and take is the key.

Tom and Peggy Pease, of Claud Ince Avenue, Cressing, will be joined by their friends and family for the event tomorrow.

The pair exchanged letters every week throughout World War Two while Tom, now 88, was posted to places such as Italy and North Africa with the Royal Artillery Regiment.

They married in 1947, six months after Tom came out of the army and went on to work at the Critalls factory.

They had long been friends as Tom’s sister was married to Peggy’s brother and both had worked at the Courtaulds factory.

When asked about the success of a long marriage Peggy, 84, said: “It is about having a bit of give and take and a good family.

“We always do something for our wedding anniversary, either with family, we always do something.”

She feels a long marriage is very important in setting an example to her two daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The couple will receive a congratulations card from the Queen to add to the one sent on their 60th anniversary, which they celebrated at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party.