THOUSANDS of visitors are expected to descend on Clacton's BBC shop this weekend.

An empty shop on Pier Avenue has been transformed into an interactive 1930s grocer store

It will be open from November 5-7.

Actors have been employed to play roles in the shop, such as the shopkeeper.

There will also be an interactive timeline charting the history of Clacton's high street.

Clacton's shop is one of 11 around the UK, and the first one to open in Truro, Cornwall, was well received by visitors.

The store drew over five thousand people in over the weekend, and officials are hoping for a similar reaction in Clacton.

Tendring Council communications boss Nigel Brown said: “The turnout in the Truro shop was fantastic, but I think we can do even better.

“It will be great to get people excited about the high street again,” he added.

The shop in 73-75 Pier Avenue, which used to be the Co-op jewellery store, is designed to get people excited about their local high streets.

It is running in conjunction with a popular new high profile BBC series called 'Turn Back Time – The High Street'.

On Friday school children will flock to the store, while families are being encouraged to visit on Saturday and Sunday.