A CLACTON councillor is on a mission to find a tandem for this year’s Tour de Tendring.

Tendring Council vice-chairman Danny Mayzes is searching for a two-person bicycle for the event on May 20.

Mr Mayzes and fellow councillor Mark Platt, who represents Walton’s Hamford ward, have pledged to complete the shorter six mile course and raise money for the chairman’s charities.

“We have exhausted all the various places that we thought we might be able to get a tandem from and we are now appealing to anyone out there who can help us,” said Mr Mayzes.

“The hope is that there may be a resident or business in Tendring who has one, or maybe even someone even further afield can help us out.

“We could just go round on normal bikes - but it would be far more of a challenge if we had a tandem.”

The Tour de Tendring starts and finishes in Harwich and will involve three routes – covering six, 20 and 60 miles courses – across Tendring.

More than 450 cyclists have already signed up for the event.

Anyone who can lend the pair a tandem is asked to call Sarah Creelman on 01255 686907.