FUEL ran low at petrol stations across Clacton as motorists rushed to fill their tanks.

Panic buying was sparked by a Government minister suggesting drivers should fill up cans with petrol in preparation for a strike by tanker drivers.

Motorists in Clacton reported having to queue for 25 minutes on Thursday evening and Friday morning.

A worker at Shell, in Old Road, Clacton, said: “We ran out on Thursday afternoon, but then had a small tanker in, so have a little of everything.

“We have had some queues most the day, but I don’t know why as there is plenty of fuel – people are just creating a problem.

“There is no strike, so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

London Road Service Station ran out of fuel at 11.30am on Friday, but said a tanker was expected to refill the station on Saturday morning.

A worker said: “We didn’t have long queues, there was just a pretty steady stream of people coming in until we ran out.”

The Government has now called on motorists not to panic buy or queue at petrol stations.

Esso in Frinton ran out early on Friday, but had a delivery later in the morning.

The station said it has been “busy” but there had not been much queueing.