A WOMAN with terminal cancer has enlisted the help of a Frinton musician to record a song for her children before she dies.

Wendy Gavin, 53, does not have long to live after being diagnosed with lung cancer last year.

The Clacton mum of three has written a song for her children called Heaven is Waiting and appealed through the Gazette for help in recording it.

More than 20 people came forward offering their skills and equipment, and Wendy has now picked Charlie Rogers to help her record the song.

Guitarist Charlie, who also runs the Lock and Barrel pub in Frinton said: “I’m part of a local band and we were recording our second album when I read the story in the paper.

“I spoke to our producer and we agreed to help if we could."

They are hoping to record a version of the song in the next two weeks.

Keen poet Wendy penned the song and uploaded a demo to YouTube.

She decided to record it properly for her children due to the reaction it got.

Wendy said: “The response has been amazing and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

“I want to release the song as a charity single, with the money going towards cancer charities and facilities.

“My dream is to raise enough money for a chemotherapy ward here in Clacton. I know how hard it is to constantly travel to Colchester and I would like to save others that pain.”