PLANS on how to spent £1.3million to kick-start improvements to housing in Jaywick have finally been announced.

Tendring Council was awarded the grant by the Government to help tackle the blight of empty homes last year.

Following a consultation with local residents, housing boss Paul Honeywood has now published a report on how he wants the cash to be spent.

The money will be used to improve homes or bring them back into use.

For years development has been banned in parts of Jaywick because of the flood risk. But builders, developers and residents will now be given help to renovate properties.

They will be offered money to pay for up to half of the cost, with a maximum of £15,000 per property.

It is estimated that the average cost of bringing a poor quality home in Brooklands back into use is £25,000.

Mr Honeywood said: “This pot of money was brought forward last October and I have been looking for innovative ways to use it to help regenerate Jaywick.

“It needs to be spent wisely and in a way that will make the most difference to the community.

“One of the things I particularly like which is being put forward is the self-build element.

“It will help young people who want to start a family to get onto the housing ladder much cheaper than if they were buying a property."