A CANCER sufferer has written a song to her children for them to remember her by when she dies – but needs help recording it professionally.

Clacton mum-of-three Wendy Gavin was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer last year.

The disease had spread too far to be treated by the time it was discovered.

Inspirational campaigner Wendy, who helped keep Clacton Hospital’s mental health wing open when it was under threat, has been told she does not have long to live.

She has penned an original song – Heaven is Waiting – as a final message to her children.

Wendy has uploaded a copy of the song to Youtube where more than 100 people have already listened to it.

But she needs help recording a high-quality version.

Keen poet Wendy said: “This whole experience has been so hard for my children, as well as me.

“The song is something for them to remember me by when I’m gone, and inspire them.

“I would love to record it properly for my children. I don’t have the know-how so I hope someone sees this and is able to help me out.

“We put the rough recording up on Youtube for people to listen to, and some of the feedback I have had has been amazing."

If she is able to record a polished version, Wendy says she would like to release the song as a charity single.

Doctors cannot tell Wendy how long she has left to live, but she admits to feeling as though she is losing the fight against cancer now.

If anyone can help Wendy with the expertise or equipment needed to record her song, they can contact her on 01255 319285.

People can listen to the song by searching for ‘A Mum’s Dying Song’ on Youtube.