HOME safety visits have been set up by Trading Standards in a bid to boost the safety of elderly and vulnerable people.

The free scheme includes trained officers visiting people’s homes and testing appliances like microwaves kettles and toasters.

Any faulty or dangerous appliances are replaced for free.

The joint scheme was set up by Trading Standards with Essex Fire, Essex Police and the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership.

It aims to make homes safer and cut down on the risk of fires.

Spokesman Lynsey Yarnell from Trading Standards said: “It is all about supporting elderly and vulnerable people and helping them to live independently and safely.

“Sometimes things can appear to be working properly but have a fault which could cause serious damage.

“We have received funding to carry out this project in Tendring and we have had a lot of great feedback from people who have used it.”

The scheme is available for free to people over 65 or suffering from a disability or impairment.

People can call 08456037626 or email trading.standards@essex.gov.uk to check eligibility or make an appointment.