SPEEDWATCH volunteers have urged drivers to slow down after catching a record number of speeders.

The volunteer group, made up of residents and councillors, recorded 19 speeding cars in a two hour spell in Great Holland.

The fastest car was caught driving at 43mph in a 30mph zone.

One of the founding councillors Robert Bucke said: “This was certainly a record when we have been out.

“It is worrying to see so many people speeding there in such a short space of time.

“To those who do speed on our roads, they have no idea what risks they are taking by speeding until it is too late.

“Hopefully our presence out there will encourage people to slow down a bit.

“We just want to help make our roads safer.”

Number plates, makes and models are taken down from the offending cars and the information is given to police.

Speeders get a letter of warning the first time they are caught, while repeat offenders are given more serious punishments.