A HUSBAND wants water discounts made available for everyone using fluid-guzzling life-saving equipment in their homes after receiving a massive water bill.

Klaus Rusack has dialysis machines hooked up in his home to provide vital treatment for his wife Carol.

But he was given a shock after seeing his water bill, which has sky rocketed due to the machines.

The equipment is hooked up to the water mains and uses hundreds of extra litres of water every week.

Klaus said: “My bill has shot up from about £25 a month to more than £90. It is a massive increase.

“The reason we have this equipment is that there was no room at any nearby dialysis units.

“The only way to keep my wife alive is to use these machines, and we have to swallow this huge cost to keep doing that.”

There is a fixed-rate water tariff in place for people with medical conditions that require high water usage.

But according to Government rules set out in the Water Industry Act, customers can only be added to the cheaper tariff if they are on a form of benefit.

Klaus added: “I think it is ridiculous that they won’t help us just because we are not already taking money from the Government."