RESIDENTS hope to see new rules put in place to prevent chaotic parking at Frinton Greensward during the summer season.

This summer saw cars parked in a variety of illegal positions as visitors flocked to the sunshine coast to enjoy the sizzling weather.

Frinton Residents Association honorary secretary Jeanette Phillips said: “We have seen parking across driveways, on pavements and on corners obstructing the visibility of other drivers.

“There have also been instances of obstructing dropped kerbs and parking on the Greensward itself, damaging the grass.

“This just cannot be tolerated.”

Frinton Residents Association has now met with Tendring Council and police representatives to discuss the problem.

They took them on a brief tour of the Greensward and promenade areas, pointing out the main issues.

The authorities have committed to taking action to prevent a similar situation next summer.