A CANCER victim’s dying wish will come true when her family take part in a charity fundraising walk – dressed as Star Wars heroes.

Mel Willsmore’s mum Mally Parris died in November 2010 after battling against bowel cancer.

She spent her final days in St Helena Hospice.

“Mum had a very wicked sense of humour even when she was in the hospice and knew she was dying,” said Mel.

“She knew we would do anything to keep her happy so a week before she died she made us promise to do the hospice’s pier to pier walk dressed as Star Wars characters.

“She was in hysterics!”

Mrs Parris had also used the hospice’s day centre in Clacton.

“She made some fantastic friends there,” said Mel, who works in financial services.

“I can’t praise the hospice enough. They don’t just care for the patient – they care for the whole family.

“They were absolutely fantastic and the respect they show to the patients is truly outstanding.”

The Clacton family have vowed to do what they can to help the hospice.

“We’ll never be able to do enough to repay them for what they did for Mum,” said Mel.

She has already got her Darth Maul outfit for the walk between Clacton and Walton piers on March 25.

Hubby Chris will be dressed as bounty hunter Boba Fett, daughter Phea, 11, as Padme Amidala, while Mel’s brother Mike will be Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Mel said: “I can just imagine Mum up there laughing at us all as we’re fighting with light sabres!”