A GP who botched circumcision operations on five boys after telling their parents there were no risks has been allowed to keep his job.

The children had to be hospitalised after urologist Dr Aziz Chaudry messed up the £150 procedures at his surgery in Clacton.

The GP failed to tell the parents of the boys cutting would be necessary and asked one father who could barely speak English to sign a consent form.

Chaudry was found guilty of misconduct for his “serious omissions” and a total of 13 conditions were placed on his registration.

Until a review in 12 months he is banned from carrying out surgical procedures, including circumcisions, and from carrying out any private work.

Dr Ian Neale, General Medical Council panel chairman, said: “The panel is of the view the failings are capable of being remedied, though it has some concerns about your limited insight.

“However, the panel considers there is some evidence to suggest you have the potential to address your failings.

Chaudry admitted various aspects of his note keeping were not in the best interests of the patient and below the standard of care expected of a registered medical practitioner.

He was cleared of allegations that he forcibly restrained two of the boys while carrying out the procedure without anaesthetic.

Chaudry can continue working as a GP at the Old Road Surgery, Clacton, subject to the conditions.

He is banned from private work, cannot carry out any surgical procedures, including circumcisions, must develop a personal development plan and undertake communication skills course.

Chaudry has 28 days to appeal.