DEVELOPERS have got the go-ahead to build more than 80 new homes on a former landfill site on the outskirts of Clacton.

Tendring Council gave developers the green light for up to 84 houses on land north of of St John's Road - despite fears it would damage a wildlife habitat.

Two houses on St John's Road will be demolished to make way for access to the new estate.

Jaya Patel's home backs on to the proposed building site.

She has spent more than 20 years turning her back garden into a haven for nature, including foxes and deer.

Mrs Patel says the new homes will destroy a wildlife habitat for animals such as hedgehogs, hares and amphibians.

Bockings Elm councillor Ted Whitmore said the new homes were 'backland' development and insisted the plans went before a committee before a decision was made.

But the council's planning committee has now approved the outline proposals.

Planning officer Alison Newland said: “This is a sustainable development on the edge of one of our largest urban settlements.

“Most of the land is scrubby with piles of rubble across the site and it was previously used for landfill.”

St Osyth Parish council had objected to the development because of the impact increased traffic would have at the entrance to the nearby plant centre.

It also had "serious concerns" about the extra pressure it would create on schools and surgeries.

But a supporter of the plans claimed the site had been an eyesore for many years and was used for flytipping.

Tendring Council said the housing would not damage the landscape or ecology at the site.

It wants almost a third of the homes to be affordable housing and is looking for the developers to pay £318,000 towards education and £29,000 towards health facilities.