FAMILIES and pupils got together to celebrate the launch of a new reading programme at a secondary school in Clacton.

The Resilient Reader Programme kicked off at Clacton Coastal Academy on Thursday which was attended by Year Seven pupils, their families and teachers.

The programme aims to provide simple and effective ways to encourage students to read and understand a text in depth.

The launch also provided an opportunity to try out the new methods and to make the most of the school’s library facilities. Families were able to select a book to take home so the youngsters can practice their reading skills.

English teacher Mel Heffer said: “It was a great evening, I was delighted to see so many family members supporting their children.

“I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to chat to parents and carers about how they can help to improve their child’s reading.

“One family stayed until the very end because they were so determined to finish the questions together.”