A NEGLECTED cat riddled with a skin infection has undergone a complete transformation and is back to full health thanks to the efforts of kind-hearted volunteers.

12-year-old Rosie was rescued by the RSPCA from an address in Brightlingsea on June 20.

Her owners were struggling to maintain and look after her due to already having a large number of other pets such as owls, tortoises and dogs in their possession.

The cat's white fur had become faded due to an ongoing skin infection which was said to be worse around her eyes and tail.

It was thought the infection was brought on by high levels of stress.

Rosie was taken to the RSPCA's Danaher shelter in Wethersfield and was immediately put on a course of steroids and anti-biotics to help clear the infection.

After four months of love and care, Rosie's glistening white coat has returned and she is now healthy once again.

Deborah Satchell, centre manager at RSPCA Danaher, said: “When Rosie came to us she really wasn’t looking her best. She was in desperate need of some TLC and has now been transformed into this beautiful girl.

“She was shy and uncomfortable when she was found but now she’s very friendly and loves a fuss."

The RSPCA are now hoping to find Rosie a new home where she can see out the rest of her life in a loving environment.

She is no longer undergoing any treatment but is on a special diet which helps to keep both her skin and coat healthy.

It is recommended Rosie be the only pet in her new home and she is likely to spend large chunks of the day inside where there is loving company.

Deborah added: “She’s a lovely older lady that needs lots of cuddles. She’s so easy going and likes a nice comfy bed. She’d benefit from a quiet home and although she may need a little bit of time to settle in she will soon make a lovely companion.”

Anyone interested in offering Rosie a new home is advised to contact the RSCPA Danaher Animal Home in Essex on 01371 851201.