ANOTHER 13 residents have been told by council bosses they could be evicted from their homes this winter.

Enforcement notices have been issued to chalet residents in Point Clear Bay, St Osyth.

Tendring Council claims they are in breach of occupancy rules by staying in their homes, which are in a flood risk zone, between November and February.

The council previously issued notices to 36 other properties, although the residents have vowed to fight to stay in their homes.

The authority said it has been gathering evidence that the properties are being lived in all year round, which breaches the condition preventing residential use during the winter months.

Some properties won the right at appeal to be used at winter weekends and over the Christmas period, but it did not allow the entire winter.

Fred Nicholls, cabinet member for corporate enforcement, said: “Some of the latest owners and occupiers will have been served with breach of condition notices in 2012 while other will have received them at various dates in the past.

“The council has made it clear that it has been gathering information and evidence and considering taking action against those who are in breach.”

The council said the latest batch of enforcement notices will take effect from November 14 and people will then have three months to comply.

Owners and occupiers have until that date to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Mr Nicholls said the council is committed to taking this enforcement action as a positive approach to ensuring community safety.

Most of the chalets were built around 1959 and were made subject to the planning restrictions preventing all year round use.

Mr Nicholls added that further action may follow against other chalets, should breaches of planning control be discovered this winter.

Council leader Neil Stock has offered to meet with residents affected by the notices on November 20.

Mandy Kelly, of Colne Way, previously said residents will continue to fight to stay in their homes.

She added: “We have an evacuation plan in place if a tidal surge did happen and we would all abide by the rules in a surge situation.”