A HORRIFIED mum is urging other parents to be vigilant after she found a blood-filled syringe just yards away from a children’s play park.

Michaela Davis, 19, took one-year-old daughter Italia-Mai to Rush Green Park in Clacton at around 5.30pm on Friday.

She was shocked to discover the potentially-deadly needle in the grass.

Michaela said: “We were just heading to the football ground and there was a park at the bottom and that’s where we saw the needle.

“It was on a patch of grass near the swings and the see-saw.

“We were going to let our daughter out of the pushchair and go for a walk, but then we saw it.

“You just don’t expect it.”

Michaela found the syringe when she kicking up the autumn leaves on the grass.

She checked to see if there were others, but couldn’t find any.

Husband Shane, 30, disposed of the needle safely so other children and adults wouldn’t come to harm.

Michaela said: “I want all parents to be aware of the situation and be aware of the stuff that’s out there.

“I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this.

“We have come across stuff like this before, but not as bad – it’s a big shock.

“It’s disgusting and there’s no way it was innocent. There was blood and all sorts down there.

“They should have a separate bin so children aren’t exposed to this.”

“Could you imagine if our little girl had picked it up?

“Parents should be aware of what’s out there and the council should be doing more.”

The Essex University student is urging other parents to be vigilant.

She said: “Anyone living in Clacton please be careful where you go with your kids.

“It’s disgusting and horrible.

“No one – especially children – should come across this sort of thing.”

Drugs and alcohol abuse charity Open Road offers a needle exchange facility at their centre on Wellesley Road, Clacton.

Addicts can access the charity’s needle and syringe programme and get advice on blood-borne viruses and any other health concerns.

For more information about the service, call 08444991323 or visit openroad.org.uk.