A NEW online lottery to fund good causes and charities could be launched in Tendring.

Lynda McWilliams, Tendring Council’s health and education portfolio holder, has proposed the district-wide online lottery to help raise cash for local groups.

It is mooted that the lottery, for which the council would need to be licensed by the Gambling Commission, would be weekly and tickets would cost £1.

Mrs McWilliams said: “I believe a lottery is the right approach for us to take and is something we should be doing.

“It means we will be able to contribute towards charities in our district.

“Any money raised would not go outside of the district and any local cause in the district could apply for some money.

“That’s the biggest benefit of running a lottery.”

A report to the council’s community leadership and partnerships committee said the lottery could cost Tendring Council £3,000 to set up and an additional £1,000 ever year licensing and administration costs.

It added: “Income from the lottery would be used to assist in funding existing commitments to the voluntary and community sector and could be used to support the council’s Big Society Fund.

“Until the level of funds being raised is known it is difficult to anticipate the level of funding that may be generated.

“An annual review would be undertaken to ensure that the lottery is running with the aims set out in this report.”

It is recommended that a minimum of 60 per cent of the proceeds would go to good causes.

The report said that due to the costs of distribution and sales, the lottery would only be accessed online.

It is proposed that the council works with external management provider Gatherwell, which is working with 25 other local authorities across the country.

The report added: “As budget pressures continue to grow on all aspects of the council’s work, there will inevitably be an impact on the funding available for good causes.

“A Tendring Lottery has the potential to help organisations address any future funding pressures.”

A final decision on the scheme will be made by the council’s cabinet.