A FAMILY who have been fundraising for a specialist operation for their daughter who has quadriplegic cerebral and epilepsy have finally reached their target.

Alexia-Rose Sinclair, four, was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy when she was aged one.

Over the past three years friends and family have organised countless charity events to raise £75,000 for a selective dorsal rhizotomy, a specialist operation she is hoping to undergo at St Louis hospital in Missouri next year.

Family friend and Bearded Villain charitable group member, Jay Kitchen, helped top the funds raising more than £1,600 for the youngster.

The Bearded Villain is a concept which started in America where a bunch of bearded men undertake charity work in their own area.

Each group has a pot of money and the Essex branch opted to donate its £1,694 to Alexia.

Jay said: “I took it upon myself to help raise money for Alexia with the help of my Essex Brothers.

“She’s such a little fighter.

“I really wanted to help out. “I asked my group if we could help and they were all for it,”

Alexia’s mum, Emily Sinclair, who lives in Weeley, said the donation has meant the family can relax.

She added: “It’s brilliant, we’ve not got that on our shoulders anymore.

“We can’t wait to get over to America, it will take her around ten years to recover after.”