MORE than 50 motorists were caught driving without a seatbelt as part of a police operation in Clacton.

The road safety operation was carried out by Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Team with local Community Speed Watch teams on Wednesday.

It resulted in 56 drivers being stopped for not wearing a seatbelt and four people were caught using their mobile telephones at the wheel.

One person was arrested as he was wanted for breaching a court order as part of the operation and another for failing to stop for police.

Two others were found to have no insurance, one had no MOT, one was handed a £300 fine for beach driving hours regulations.

Two others were stopped for careless driving and five others for other offences.

Matt Hine, from Essex Police’s Casualty Reduction Section, said: “Be warned that we are out and about watching for people who think they are above the law. You may believe that it is okay not to wear a seatbelt, for example, but it is not. It could have serious consequences for you, and someone else.

“These small operations are important. We are keeping the heat turned up on drivers who clearly have little regard for themselves or other road users.”