A SCOUT volunteer plans to raise £500 by chopping off her long locks.

Tracey Gubbins of Astley Road, Clacton is chopping off 12 inches of her strawberry blonde hair next Friday to aid two worthy causes.

The big chop comes after her being appointed as the fundraiser for the 7th Clacton Cubs, Scouts and Beavers at an AGM meeting in May.

Tracey, 51, has not had her hair cut short for nearly 15 years, so as part of her first fundraiser, she will be donating her locks to the Little Princess trust which provides wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer and other illnesses.

Along with donating her hair, Mrs Gubbins’ will be raising money to allow youngsters who might not be able to afford to attend the trips and days out.

She said: “I’m trying to raise money for Scouts for when they go out for the day.

“It’s the type of money that can take them to the fun fair, take them to the chip shop, it’s the little things like that which make a difference to a child.

“The Scouts don’t get a lot of money and when they do it’s not a lot.

“It’s difficult to see a small child’s face when they haven’t got the money to be able to go on a trip.

“I can give to both charities and that’s all that matters.”

Tracey, who works part time at Marks and Spencer in Colchester, hopes to raise £500.

She said: “I’ve not had my hair cut short for about 14 years as I’ve just liked having it long but I’ve wanted to do this for many years.

“I’m a little but nervous but I’m going to stick my headphones in and say to the hairdresser, just ‘cut'.

The big cut will be happening at Halo Hair Salon in Clacton on Friday.