ROAD safety is back on track after a year-long campaign successfully extended a one-way system and slowed down drivers.

Residents and councillors have been campaigning for more than a year to make the road on Meadow Way, in Jaywick, safer.

Tania Hart, who lives there, says motorists drive down the road at speeds of up to 70mph and cut the corner to go down the one-way system in the wrong direction.

Tania, 30, fears someone could be killed.

She was determined to improve safety after tragically losing her sister in a car accident in Buckinghamshire in 1996, which left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ever since the accident, the traffic outside her house has made her increasingly anxious and has even considered leaving her home.

Tania says vehicles were a constant reminder of the fatal crash, with the sound of screeching car tyres and speeding cars.

However, after a year of campaigning and attending a highways committee meetings, the island on the one-way system has been extended, preventing drivers going in the wrong direction.

The move comes after a £4,000 contract was signed off by the council to extend the island.

Tania said: “It’s changed our lives. We won’t have to sell our house anymore like we were thinking of doing. I can sit in the garden now – I can open the window.

“It’s the little things like that which people take for granted. I couldn’t do that before because of the noise. It’s so peaceful here. I’m very grateful the council has done it now.”

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “Residents strongly objected to the idea of removing the one-way system, so the Tendring Local Highways Panel has decided to make it work by preventing vehicles turning left around the barrier and continuing the wrong way along Meadow Way.

“The panel has built the kerb line further out and put in extra chevron signs, forcing vehicles to follow the correct route into Beach Crescent."