CONTROVERSIAL plans to axe public toilets across Tendring have sparked anger.

Loos in Frinton’s Old Way and Mill Lane, in Walton, are on Tendring Council’s hit-list.

The authority wants to close ten public lavatories in a bid to save cash.

Former Walton councillor John Halls said he was shocked by the decision to close the Mill Road facilities, which are in the town’s old fire station.

“They should keep them open,” he said.

“I think it’s disgusting. They are the only toilets in the High Street - if anything, they should be upgrading them rather than closing them down.

“An awful lot of people come to Walton throughout the year and they are talking about Marks and Spencer coming to the Martello site next to Aldi.

“There will be more people about and there needs to be toilets.”

The decision to close the Old Way toilets have also sparked anger.

One resident, who asked not to be named, has lived in the town for 30 years and says the loos are well used.

She said: “I am most concerned to hear of this closure of public toilets. It should have been discussed with the public.

“They are a public service that have been paid for by our taxes and we pay money to Tendring Council to pay for these services.

“Something needs to be said because this decision has been made without a meeting with the public.”

She says the closure is likely to have an impact on shopkeepers, with the public more likely to want to use their toilet facilities.

“They don’t want people using their loos and it’s not right,” she said.

“We should look after our town. Enough is enough and this is just ridiculous.”

Frinton’s so-called superloos about half a mile away on the greensward will remain open.

Other toilets facing the axe include Ipswich Road, in Holland on Sea, the Westcliff gents, High Street car park and Magdalen Green toilets, in Clacton, and the Garden Road block, in Jaywick.

More than 1,000 people signed a petition calling for the Garden Road loos to be spared in the cull.

Two sets of toilets in Dovercourt will also be axed.

Council toilets boss Nick Turner said ten of the district’s 40 public toilets have been earmarked for closure.

“A review was carried out of all sites and the Old Way facility was considered to be an old structure and, with other top-quality facilities provided nearby at the end of Connaught Avenue, was one which should be closed.

“In the current financial climate, tough decisions are having to be made but by making these difficult decisions it will be easier for the council to raise the standards of those that remain to meet 21st century requirements for high-quality public conveniences in support of local town centres, the visitor economy and meeting the needs of residents.

“This has to be balanced with the increasing budgetary constraints and the backdrop of ageing buildings, which are expensive to maintain.”