A PENSIONER who spent two years knitting a 5ft-long replica ocean liner is looking for a ship-shape new home for her crafty creation.

Eva Jay, 88, was given just months to live after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

But two years later the crafts fan is still going strong and making things.

The liner is made from plastic canvas, sewn with wool. It is about 5ft long and 2ft high.

The replica ship liner has amazing detail – the front comes down to revel the ballroom, complete with mirrored walls, a stage, glitter ball and a grand piano.

The back opens out to revel the bedroom, complete with furniture and bathroom and on the top deck there is a hot tub, with sun loungers.

Eva, from Clacton, also made a camper van which she donated to St Helena Hospice.

She is now looking for a good home for her cruise ship.

Daughter Claire said: "“All of our lives Mum has made things. We were bought up with her sewing or knitting or creating something.

"When she was diagnosed in 2015, Mum was given a few months at best but she is still going strong and making things helps her keep going.

"She really wants someone to get some pleasure out of it and if possible would love some money to be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support to help others living with cancer.”

The family get support from the Macmillan carers service.

Charity spokesman Maddy Knox said: "Macmillan is here to help you get on with your life no matter what.

“Eva’s craft skills are amazing and she is proof that even though you may have cancer you are still you."

Anyone wanting to give Eva's liner a home can contact Inez Davies at inez.davies@affc.org.uk.