A SEX offender who moved to Jaywick has been given permission to break curfew so he can attend a paedophile treatment programme.

Peter Masterson was supposed to obey tough internet restrictions designed to protect children and stop him being tempted to contact them but couldn’t resist.

The pervert was sentenced for breaking the rules but will now be given the opportunity to get help after his punishment was adjusted.

Masterson, 54, of Meadow Way, Jaywick, was first sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court for inappropriate behaviour concerning children.

He was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order.

The terms included not using computer chatrooms under hidden names and allowing activity to be monitored.

In November he was sentenced for breaching the order.

It included rehabilitation activity requirement days, a curfew and enrolment on the renowned Thames Valley sex offenders’ treatment programme.

The problem was to go on the programme he had to breach his curfew and could find himself back in court.

Colchester Magistrates’ Court relaxed his curfew on the days he goes on the course.