DONORS are being sought to back a campaign to buy a disabled youngster a specialist car seat.

Lowri Edwards, four, needs the £1,250 seat to help her travel to school and to attend vital hospital appointments safely.

Lowri has Down’s syndrome and is unable to travel safely in her standard car seat as she slumps uncomfortably to one side and is able to wriggle out of the safety straps.

This has meant that she and her entire family have become virtually housebound.

Newlife, a charity which helps disabled children and their families. is helping to secure the specialist equipment Lowri needs and is appealing for help.

Mum Haylie said: “We have been really struggling to find anything on the high street which would be suitable for Lowri, but she is now above the weight limit for her car seat, so we can’t really use it.

“We can only go on the shortest, most necessary journeys and we will soon reach the stage where we just can’t use it at all, which will mean she won’t be able to attend her special needs school which is several miles away.

“This specialist car seat would make a huge difference to us.

“It would be so much more comfortable for Lowri to sit in – and in theory it should last her until the age of 12, so it would be the only one she needs.

“It would be fabulous, especially as she wouldn’t be able to slip out of the straps and the swivel base would really help her transfer safely into her wheelchair.”

Any funds raised above what is needed for Lowri will help pay for equipment for another child in Essex, as she is one of 22 children with equipment needs in the county totalling £12,000.

Although Lowri can say ‘hello’ relatively clearly, most of what she says is unclear because her muscles are loose and floppy, which makes it difficult for her to walk anything other than short distances.

She also has hypermobility, which causes her joints to move well beyond the expected range.

As well as Lowri, Haylie has three other children living at home in Clacton - Joshua, 17, Billy, 14, who has learning difficulties, and seven-year-old Kelsey.

Haylie added: “Not being able to go out in the car is having an impact on all of the children.

“At the moment we can only really go somewhere if it’s within walking distance.”

To donate click here or call 01543 431 444.