A MAJOR multi-million pound project to regenerate the most deprived ward in England has been announced today.

Town Hall bosses want to buy a 60-acre swathe of land in Jaywick, between Triumph Avenue and Meadow Way, which could see up to 250 homes.

Tendring Council hopes building council homes will kick start private development.

Jaywick is officially listed as the most deprived area in England, but has seen little investment in the past fifty years.

Residents have hit out at local authorities and central government over the years for failing to regenerate the area.

Council leader Mick Page said: “All political parties over the years have done nothing for Jaywick.

“The only way to get regeneration is for is to take action ourselves.

“This could be the catalyst we need to help regenerate Jaywick – it will kick-start regeneration of the area by direct housing development for council homes and could stimulate a change in market conditions.

“We have always believed that the best way to regenerate Jaywick is by the development of new council homes and this decision will confirm our objectives.

“It will also provide new jobs in the construction industry and offer opportunities for local tradesmen and women.”

About 12 acres of the 60 acre site will be used for homes, with the remaining marshland possibly being turned into parkland.

It is thought that more than 50 council homes could be built on one site, with up to 200 homes being built by developers.