DRIVERS have been accused of abusing a free car park... by parking their cars there all day.

Tendring Council seems surprised motorists are taking advantage of the free car park in Holland-on-Sea.

There is nothing to stop people parking there legally all day but the council says drivers are "clogging up" the Ipswich Road site. Now charges are being reintroduced.

Environment boss Nick Turner said they were left with no choice and launched an astonishing attack on motorists.

“It is absolutely no use to anyone - especially traders – if cars are parked there all day long and there is no turnover of vehicles,” he said.

“We have received complaints from residents."

Parking will still be free at the site between 3pm and 8am, and Tendring residents with permits can also park for free after 11am. Free parking was introduced at the council-run site in 2011.