RESIDENTS put people power into action to give their road a facelift after the authorities refused to help.

Alpha Road in Point Clear is unadopted and not maintained by a council. It usually resembles a bumpy dirt track peppered with potholes and craters.

Neighbours tried in vain to get funding to repair the surface.

They say the street becomes treacherous in the winter, when potholes fill with water and freeze, leaving the street covered in sheets of ice because there is no drainage.

Now residents have taken action themselves.

They formed a Road Association group, chaired by Victor Petchey, and clubbed together to contribute cash towards a solution.

A total of £2,000 was raised to pay for a new surface and machinery to lay it along the road.

Plucky residents armed themselves with rakes to complete the job.

Gloria Petchey said: “The road is absolutely awful, especially in the winter.

“We collected enough to get planings delivered. Huge lorry loads were brought to the road and we spread it across to give it a better surface.

“Last year we did a temporary job but this year we were ready. It’s not cheap but everyone has contributed.”

A mixture of dirt and gravel was spread out to fill the potholes and create a flatter road surface.

Mrs Petchey added: “We are making the best of what we can afford and it is fantastic to see everyone chipping in.

“It is a real community solution to a tough situation and we are delighted to get it done.”