A DAUGHTER handed over an iPad and digital radios to the hospital medics who saved her father’s life.

Kate Loader was so impressed with the treatment given to dad Peter Bowery at Colchester General Hospital’s critical care unit, she organised a Vegas charity night in the garden of her Elmstead Market home.

When Peter, 71, of Brightlingsea, suffered major organ failure after being rushed to hospital with pneumonia, his wife and family were told to expect the worst.

But after three weeks on the unit in 2012, and a few days in a recovery ward, he pulled through and made a full recovery.

Kate, 40, said: “We were taken into a room and told that we needed to prepare ourselves.

“He was at death’s door, which is why I was so adamant I wanted to raise money.

“They also gave us a lot of support as a family.”

The charity night raised more than £650 for an iPad that lets patients who cannot speak press a button to alert medics when they are in pain, hungry or thirsty.

The digital radios are for patients who are unconscious but can still hear music.

Kate and friend Steph Triscott have now planned their own triathlon, starting with a swim in Elmstead Reservoir and ending with a run to Brightlingsea Model Boat Club on September 28.

To sponsor them, visit justgiving.com/katesteph