A TOP fighter jet has been added to the spectacular Clacton Air Show line-up.

The Typhoon Eurofighter is an RAF combat aircraft which has been in service around the world.

It boasts a top speed of Mach 2 – twice the speed of sound or about 1,500mph – and carries a large arsenal of weapons.

The Typhoon is also one of the most popular draws for flight fans and air show enthusiasts.

Tendring Council tourism boss Mark Platt said the return of the Typhoon to Clacton was the icing on the cake for this year’s lineup.

“It is some years since this versatile powerful jet has been seen in the skies over Clacton, but is not for the want of trying,” he said.

“It provides a fantastic spectacle and is a valuable addition to any line-up and I can’t wait to see it perform.

“This was the final announcement we have been waiting to make and it ensures we will have the strongest ever programme of displays in the air.”

The Typhoon joins a top bill, which also includes the Red Arrows, Vulcan and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.