CLACTON’S MP says he has been reassured after meeting with health chiefs to discuss concerns over the future of the town’s hospital.

MP Douglas Carswell feared changes in services at Clacton Hospital could eventually leave it under threat.

He met with Gary Sweeney of the North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, Lucy Moore, of Colchester Hospital Trust, and Lynne Woodcock of Anglian Community Enterprise.

Mr Carswell said: “After various changes to local services provided at the hospital, I wanted some assurance about its future.

“Local people have a right to expect certainty, and my job as their local representative is to make sure they get it.

“With specialist services provided in larger hospitals and with technology enabling more things to be done by GPs, I feel it is important that Clacton Hospital and the services it offers are not squeezed.

“I discussed my concerns and was pleased with the answers I got.

“The maternity unit is already back up and running and doing a great job, which is a big boost.”

Mr Carswell wants to see more services housed within Clacton Hospital, as well as more cash spent on providing healthcare through the facility by the NHS.

He added: “We have a magnificent hospital. Let’s make sure we use it and appreciate it to help safeguard it.”